Partners Alan Ioffredo and Lena Mandelis travelled parallel roads until meeting and supporting each other's practices twenty years ago.

In 2008 they founded ALENA Wealth - a name taken from the union of their first names with Wealth - a word understood to mean genuine prosperity.

We invite you to visit and get acquainted. You may find it interesting to know

  • We were each raised in New York by parents who emigrated to the United States from their native countries, Italy (Alan) and Greece (Lena).
  • We were invited at early ages to join family conversations about business, money and patient investment.
  • We were encouraged towards academic achievement and earned first-generation degrees at Cornell and Syracuse Universities respectively - Alan, a BS in Engineering 1983, and Lena, a BS in Business Administration 1985. Lena later earned a JD from Boston University School of Law.
  • We were attracted to the emerging field of financial planning and earned post-graduate credentials as Certified Financial Planners, CFP® before choosing to serve the public through individually owned, client centered practices.
  • We met and later united our firms founding ALENA Wealth and honoring its mission to deliver fee-based advice within an objective and caring environment.

We Believe

  • Your destination is more easily reached when you identify and select guides who listen and respect where you've been, where you are and understand the personal and material resources available for the journey. We welcome a telling of your story.
  • Your story provides insight into your values and aspirations. Your remaining time and treasure may better honor these through improved awareness and alignment.
  • True wealth is proportional to a spirit of gratitude and the breadth of choices you create for yourself at each stage of life. We inventory your individual and material resources to identify your gifts, passions, financial assets, debts and perceived barriers before inviting a discussion about what they make possible.
  • A satisfying partnership requires the proper framing of objectives. We'll help you plan for the future.
  • The probability of goal realization is maximized by purposeful and consistent financial behavior, for example, adopting a disciplined savings and investment program rather than wishful thinking. We assist you with the implementation of practical strategies.
  • Life happens. We monitor results with you and suggest necessary course corrections.